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YSlow 2.0: the first sketches

Jun 11th, 2011

#4 This post is part of the Velocity countdown series. Stay tuned for the articles to come. I’m working on tomorrow’s kind of big thing, so will take it easy today, with a stroll down memory lane. I was clearing up my space at home few days ago and came across this oldish notepad. In […]


YUI CSS min – part 3 – hacks

May 21st, 2010

The previous parts are here (building and testing) and here (what gets minified). Now let’s see how YUI CSS min handles CSS hacks. As you know CSS hacks often use errors in CSS parsers in browsers to target specific browser versions and supply additional rules to work around other issues in said browsers. That makes […]


YUI CSS Min – part 2

May 20th, 2010

The first part is here. It was more about building the YUICompressor, writing and running test cases. Now let’s see what the compressor does exactly to your CSS. BTW, you can play with the web UI to see for yourself how the minifier works. Stripping comments and white space This is the bare minimum a […]


Top 5 reasons to send your resume to Yahoo! Search today

May 19th, 2010

Disclaimer: I work for Yahoo! Search. But I speak for myself. All opinions on my blog, twitter… yada-yada… are not necessarily those of my employer. They could be, but they may not be. They might have been but may no longer be. They might have never been, but maybe, baby, someday they might become. So […]


10 more search results

May 14th, 2010

Thought I should share a fun little greasemonkey script that puts twitter-like MORE button (hm, maybe should’ve named it MOAR 🙂 ) at the end of the Yahoo search results. Clicking the button gives you 10 more results without a page refresh. Neat. Download: and a 39 seconds demo…


Performance job offers

Jan 28th, 2010

I’m sure quite a few of you my fellow readers are crazy about web performance. And if you’re seeking new challenges, timing can’t be any better. Below are three excellent opportunities in three of the most high-traffic sites on the planet. Yahoo! Search is hiring a senior performance engineer. Yep, you’ll be working with me […]


Collecting web data with a faster, free server

Dec 8th, 2009

2010 update: Lo, the Web Performance Advent Calendar hath moved Dec 8 This article is part of the 2009 performance advent calendar experiment. This is also the first ever guest post to this blog. Please welcome the world-famous Christian Heilmann! And stay tuned for the next articles. Chris Heilmann is a self confessed data junkie […]


Test post from YQL

Jul 9th, 2009

It works! I can post from YQL — Update: The post above was a test posting from YQL. This is pretty cool! YQL (Yahoo Query Language) lets you do SELECTs from any service on the web. Actually doesn’t need to be a service, can be HTML (yes, scraping) or even plain text. Anything is data. […]


FireEagle and geo-location fun

Mar 12th, 2009

FireEagle is a newer service from Yahoo, it’s an API and service that stores your geo-location and lets other application read or update it. With your permission, of course. Now there’s a FireEagle Firefox extension, still marked experimental in so you need a free AMO account in order to download it. Once you install […]


Search site bookmarklet with YUI and BOSS

Feb 21st, 2009

Ever wanted to search only the web site you’re currently on? Not the page, but the whole site. And only this site, not the rest of the web. This bookmarklet does just that. Install Right-click this link and add to your bookmarks/favorites. Or just drag to your bookmarks toolbar. search site Or if you don’t […]


Image optimization – in Chinese

Jan 8th, 2009

Thanks to Joseph Jiang who translated in Chinese parts of my image optimization articles from the YUI blog If you read Chinese, visit


Start wearing purple

Dec 2nd, 2008

Today was officially my first day at my new job at in Yahoo! Search. In the spirit of less-is-more I’m stepping out of the position of improving the performance of all Yahoo’s sites worldwide to improving the performance of just one Yahoo! Search – in the US first, then maybe helping globally. I’m excited by […]


Advertising and privacy

Aug 9th, 2008

We now have an option to opt-out of advertising cookies that track your behaviour: Google’s opt out page Yahoo’s


Yahoo Music API

Aug 7th, 2008

This was meant to be a longer posts with examples and such, but Jim Bumgardner said it and coded it better than I could 🙂 He’s been with Y!Music way longer than me and has done way cooler stuff. As a front-end engineer for Yahoo! Music, I’ve always thought it would great if the web […]


My online footprint lately

Jul 23rd, 2008

This is a sort of a catch-up post for listing what I’ve been up to lately. YUI Blog just published my first article, I’m so proud. It’s about loading JavaScript in non-blocking fashion, because JavaScripts, they, you know, like, block downloads. Luckily, there’s an easy fix – DOM includes, which I’ve previously discussed, discussed and […]


Rules for fast web pages

Apr 14th, 2008

… just updated. The list (used to be 13 items, then 14, now 34) is becoming too overwhelming so it’s now split into categories: content server cookie css javascript images mobile Act now to improve you page loading speed, your user will thank you later 😉


20 new performance best practices

Mar 18th, 2008

The slides from my PHP Quebec presentation in Montreal are up on slideshare. Roughly the content is divided into: a quick review/update to Yahoo’s existing 14 best practices for improving performance, and a discussion of the 20 new ones Enjoy responsibly and don’t hesitate to send back questions and comments. And how about this slide […]


Simultaneuos HTTP requests in PHP with cURL

Feb 19th, 2008

The basic idea of a Web 2.0-style “mashup” is that you consume data from several services, often from different providers and combine them in interesting ways. This means you often need to do more than one HTTP request to a service or services. In PHP if you use something like file_get_contents() this means all the […]


MP3 player from Yahoo! – bookmarklet

Jan 23rd, 2008

Update Jan 30, 2008: updated code based on comments and code from Carl Update Dec 11, 2008: updated the code thanks to the comment from Nolan Here’s the scenario: you have a page that links to some .mp3 files. You add a line of code in your page and lo and behold, there’s a nice […]



Dec 5th, 2007

One of the hidden perks about working at Yahoo! is that you get to interact with a lot of smart people, and even some celebrities in the web dev profession. Rasmus Lerdorf, Douglas Crockford, YUI guys, the list is way too long… Those couple of weeks I had the pleasure of working closely with Steve […]


My performance article up on SitePoint

Oct 25th, 2007



YSlow performance extension for Firebug

Jul 25th, 2007

Steve Souders, performance architect at Yahoo, announced today the public release of YSlow. What’s YSlow? It’s an extension to Firebug (yes, correct, Firebug, not Firefox) that helps with performance optimization efforts. It scores your page on the scale A to F, based on compliance with Yahoo’s performance rules. It’s a tool that has been used […]


LA Web devs meetup at Yahoo

Jul 23rd, 2007

So there is this group of local LA web developers that meet every month or so to meet and discuss what’s up. More about/join the group here. This month Yahoo will be hosting the meetup in the Santa Monica office (my workplace), it’s actually tomorrow, so if you’re in LA, don’t miss the opportunity for […]


Yahoo API search with JavaScript alone

Oct 12th, 2006

Previously I’ve mentioned how I do image searches with my bigger daughter, hunting for images of Cinderella, Ariel the little mermaid, and other equally beautiful princesses. So I thought why not build a custom little app for the little kid to do this, I mean, her, being the good (and beautiful) girl that she is, […]


JavaScript to find your Yahoo! ranking

Apr 19th, 2006

Motivation Inspired by this article on SitePoint that shows how to find the Google ranking for a specific page and a search query, I decided to do the same, but for the Yahoo! ranking. The fun part is that my script is a JavaScript and requires nothing but a browser in order to run. How […]