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July 23rd, 2008. Tagged: Ajax, JavaScript, JSON, News/personal, performance, php, yahoo, ydn, yslow, yui

This is a sort of a catch-up post for listing what I've been up to lately.

  • YUI Blog just published my first article, I'm so proud. It's about loading JavaScript in non-blocking fashion, because JavaScripts, they, you know, like, block downloads. Luckily, there's an easy fix - DOM includes, which I've previously discussed, discussed and discussed.
  • SitePoint published an update to my older article that introduces AJAX, ok, Ajax, by creating a command-line-like interface with PHP on the server side. The updated article features improved code, jQuery example, YUI example, JSON discussion and example. Check it out, bookmark and recommend to your friends that keep asking you "What's this AJAX (they are new, don't know it's now spelled "Ajax") thing? Do you know of a good article?"
  • YDN ( published a video presentation of me and my lovely teammate Nicole Sullivan where we talk about some new and cool front-end performance techniques. So if you wandered how I look and are eager to hear my fabulous Balkan peninsula accent, give it a shot. The talk is called "After YSlow 'A'" and is targeted at those of you who have reached performance nirvana, but are still hungry for more. We talk about preloading components, post-loading, javascript, images, using flush() in PHP to send first byte early on and other fun stuff.
  • Last, not least, I decided to try and find some time to update my JavaScript patterns site. Unfortunately I got sidetracked (yep, I'm easily distracted by shiny objects) and played with a not-so-javascript pattern. The post I published (includes a pretty lame screencast! and) demonstrates how you can use animated background position to indicate loading progress.

Whew, c'est tout pout ce moment, expect a lot more now that the JavaScript book is out of the way. Ah, yep, if you feel like it, join me on Facebook, I created a JS book page.

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