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Ajax with images

Jun 2nd, 2012

So you can do Ajaxy stuff with XMLHttpRequest or or iframes or dynamic JavaScript tags or… how about simple images. This is best used for simple stuff where you can have a limited number of predefined responses, such as “success” and “oops”. All you do is create an image and set its source and this […]


The art and craft of postload preloads

Aug 27th, 2009

What can your tired old page, once loaded and used and read, can do for your user? It can preload components needed by the next page, so when the users visit the next page, they have the new scripts, styles and images already in the cache. Next page loads faster and the user’s happy. On […]


Content-to-markup ratio bookmarklet

Mar 5th, 2009

When you care about performance, or SEO (or just doing a good job as web dev) an interesting data point is the ratio of page content vs. the markup used to present this content. Or… how much crap we put in HTML in order to present what the users want to see – the content. […]


My online footprint lately

Jul 23rd, 2008

This is a sort of a catch-up post for listing what I’ve been up to lately. YUI Blog just published my first article, I’m so proud. It’s about loading JavaScript in non-blocking fashion, because JavaScripts, they, you know, like, block downloads. Luckily, there’s an easy fix – DOM includes, which I’ve previously discussed, discussed and […]


CSS Sprites generation tool

Jun 27th, 2007

Here’s my last weekend’s project – a web-based tool to generate images for CSS sprites: Cool domain name, eh? I couldn’t believe it was not taken. CSS Spr…what? This is a simple technique used for page load performance purposes. Since HTTP requests are the most expensive thing you can do in regards to front-end […]


AJAX-MCV in Russian

Jan 29th, 2007

Boris of has published a translation of my article on the little AJAX/MVC framework I came up with, this is trully flattering, thanks a lot! If you speak Russian check the post here. The translation is by Gennady Potapov, sposibo Gennady!


JSON renderer for Text_Highlight

Oct 27th, 2006

Text_Highlighter is one of my favourite PEAR packages, seems like I’m addicted to highlighting source code. After adding BB code and simple HTML renderers and an ABAP code syntax definition, today I played with adding a JSON renderer. Useful in case you want to get highlighted source code in your new shiny AJAX app. Array […]


AJAX MVC (so to speak)

Sep 19th, 2006

This is sort of a framework thing to create AJAX applications, based on the MVC design pattern. Yep, I have a lot of buzzwords here, I admit, but this shouldn’t be taken too seriously. I was doing a bunch of small projects lately and I found myself using something like this little framework, without even […]



Sep 14th, 2006

Here’s this HTML-2-DOM service – What it does is pretty simple – you paste some HTML code and the output is JS script code that uses DOM functions to produce the same result. Could be useful when you’re working on an AJAX-style app that generates new content using JavaScript. I build this simple script, […]


Fly Yahoo UI

Mar 28th, 2006

Make your content management application fly with the Yahoo JavaSrcipt UI


toAjax() in about 6 hours 49 mins

Feb 25th, 2006

A funny thing – today I found out that there is the Town of Ajax, a city near Toronto, in my neighbouring Canadian province, Ontario (I’m in Quebec). It would take me about 6 hours 49 mins to get there. Anywone else want to move and join me in creating the newset coolest Web 2.0. company, based in Ajax, ON 😉


AJAX banner rotation

Feb 13th, 2006

How to rotate banners without reloading the page.


XAJAX intro and more from Marco

Nov 20th, 2005

Nice XAJAX intro (with working examples) and more from Marco.


The Invisible Ad

Nov 15th, 2005

Launched today. It’s my AJAX-ified version of the amazing Million Dollar Homepage.


WebConsole – Take command (line) with AJAX

Oct 14th, 2005

My article describing how to create a simple Javascript XMLHTTP application is now featured on SitePoint.


30 seconds AJAX

Jul 29th, 2005

30 seconds AJAX intro from the PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf.