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February 25th, 2006. Tagged: Ajax, Fun

A funny thing - today I found out that there is the Town of Ajax, a city near Toronto, in my neighbouring Canadian province, Ontario (I'm in Quebec). It would take me about 6 hours 49 mins to get there. Anywone else want to move and join me in creating the newset coolest Web 2.0. company, based in Ajax, ON 😉

AJAX - Asynchronous JavaScript And XML (W) - is the cool kid on the block for us, webdevs, I believe since April 1st, 2004 (when Gmail was launched, although we didn't call it AJAX back then). But what else does "ajax" mean?

  • My first association when I read about it was with Ajax, one of the heroes in Homer's Iliad (W)
  • Not doing too much cleaning around the house, or maybe a fan of Mr.Clean (known as Mr.Proper back in my home Bulgaria, in Europe), I didn't know that there is Ajax, the cleaning thing.
  • I swear I knew, but have forgotten, about Ajax, the football team, since I was ball-kicking, goal-keeping kid at one point.

It turns out there's more to AJAX than this, for more, there's always the Wikipedia.

But now, 'scuse me while I pack my things and move to Ajax, ON.

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