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A bookmarklet: dataURI, please!

Sep 30th, 2019

Ever had a string of a data URI image and you want to see said image? Simple: type data:image/png;base64, followed by the base 64 string. Except… it’s too much syntax to remember. I mean c’mon: colon, semi-colon, comma. And you probably don’t do this often enough. A bookmarklet is called for to aid the memory. […]


This page loaded in X seconds

Mar 27th, 2018

I was just admiring Tim Kadlec eye-pleasing site. Nice, simple, see what I’m talkin’ ’bout. The feature I liked most was the footer that said “This page loaded in 0.186 seconds”. First of all – fast! Second – I thought all sites should have that. And what better way than an on-demand bookmarklet you carry […]


Browser remembers your password, but you don’t? Take it back!

Nov 5th, 2017

We’ve all seen something like this: But you have no idea what the password is. How to get the human-readable version of *******? Method 1: use the browser’s developer tools Provided you have a reasonably recent browser, just open the Developer tools by right-clicking the input field with the password and then select “Inspect Element”. […]


YSlow development: getting started

Jun 17th, 2012

Since version 2.0, YSlow is no longer just a tool, it’s a platform. You can create your own rules (performance or otherwise), combine them into rulesets, tweak scores to your liking and so on. Once Marcel took over and did version 3.0. YSlow can now run in many many environments: as a Firebug extension (like […]


Statsy – more data points for markup quality

Nov 30th, 2009

In the spirit of the content-to-markup ratio bookmarklet, here’s another one that gives you some more data points to help you judge the quality of a page’s markup and help answer the old question – where does all this page weight go. Install the statsy bookmarklet Drag this link to your bookmarks: statsy the results […]


Content-to-markup ratio bookmarklet

Mar 5th, 2009

When you care about performance, or SEO (or just doing a good job as web dev) an interesting data point is the ratio of page content vs. the markup used to present this content. Or… how much crap we put in HTML in order to present what the users want to see – the content. […]


Replace the Home button with a script

Mar 3rd, 2009

Robert Ames commented on my previous post suggesting replacing the Home button with my little site search bookmarklet. I didn’t even know this was possible, but I found it pretty cool, so I just had to try. x-browser I tried this in Firefox/Mac and IE/Windows and it works just fine. ok, what is it? Well, […]


Search site bookmarklet with YUI and BOSS

Feb 21st, 2009

Ever wanted to search only the web site you’re currently on? Not the page, but the whole site. And only this site, not the rest of the web. This bookmarklet does just that. Install Right-click this link and add to your bookmarks/favorites. Or just drag to your bookmarks toolbar. search site Or if you don’t […]


Short Amazon affiliate links – a bookmarklet

Oct 19th, 2008

It’s a pain to link to a specific product on Amazon if you have to use their UI to build an affiliate link. It’s good to have nice, clean and short affiliate links. This post gives you the details and also a bookmarklet to built the links by visiting the product page you want to […]


Javascript console in IE

Oct 18th, 2008

I’m a sucker for consoles. The ability to quickly type some code and see it executed right then and there… priceless. That’s why I’m a huge fan of Firebug’s JavaScript console. But what about IE? option 1 – Firebug lite Firebug lite is a lighter version of the proper Firebug which runs in browsers other […]


Bookmarklet maker tool

May 10th, 2008

Helps you easily turn any javascript code into a bookmarklet and post on your blog:


Google docs bookmaklet to format code

Jan 27th, 2008

Something has been annoying me for some time as I write this book in Google Docs: I want to be able to format text as code (Courier New) only using the keyboard. So I came up with this bookmarklet. It’s one of those “works for me” so if it doesn’t work for you feel free […]


MP3 player from Yahoo! – bookmarklet

Jan 23rd, 2008

Update Jan 30, 2008: updated code based on comments and code from Carl Update Dec 11, 2008: updated the code thanks to the comment from Nolan Here’s the scenario: you have a page that links to some .mp3 files. You add a line of code in your page and lo and behold, there’s a nice […]


Netflix – how many movies you’ve rented

Dec 30th, 2007

Netflix is a great service, it’s a shame they don’t seem to provide any APIs. Oh, well, we’ll have to resort to other means of extracting data. A little javascript to count how many movies you’ve rented: document .getElementById(‘returned_movies’) .getElementsByTagName(‘tbody’)[0] .getElementsByTagName(‘tr’) .length You can put this code in a bookmarklet or simply type in the […]


“Save AnyThing” offline with a Google Gears bookmarklet

Oct 19th, 2007

Here’s a little bookmarklet I came up with, I called “SAT”, stands for “Save AnyThing (for offline reading)”. It uses Google Gears and works like this: you’re about to go offline (maybe boarding a plane) and want to catch up on some reading you visit any page you click the SAT bookmaklet it saves all […]


YUI anywhere (bookmarklet)

Jun 8th, 2007

Hooked on YUI? You can now take it anywhere you go. The thing is Yahoo hosts the libraries publicly, so they are available at any time. Let’s say you visit a page and you want to do something with it. Comes the YUI bookmaklet that adds a new script tag to the page pointing to […]


Two bookmarklets for debugging in IE

Feb 20th, 2007

Here are two bookmarklets that could make your life easier when trying to figure out why in IE a page behave as wrong as it behaves. For Firefox we have Firebug, so none of this is necessary. For IE we have also Firebug lite (see my post), but you need some setup before you can […]


Check/toggle ’em all

Feb 10th, 2007

Recently I decided to clean up all the spam from an abandoned phpBB forum of mine, there was a lot to delete. In the phpBB version that I use there is no option to “check all” topics you want to moderate. So I came up with a little bookmarklet to do this for me. Here […]


User stylesheet in IE

Jan 20th, 2007

Let’s say you want to quickly try out some small stylesheet changes, but you don’t want to (or prefer not to, or for some reason temporarily you just can’t) modify your application’s CSS file(s). In FF it’s easy – you have Firebug and you can play with styles until blue in the face. And in […]


Firebug console for IE

Dec 6th, 2006

Update: A better version of what I was trying to do is here. It works around the cross-domain permission problems in IE by not loading a page in the frame, but putting there the actual content. Firebug – no words to describe how cool it is, really. After the recent new release (1.0. beta) the […]


quirks or no quirks bookmarklet

Sep 20th, 2006

Here’s a bookmarklet that will tell you whether or not the browser renders your page in Standards Complaiance Mode or Quirks Mode. The bookmarklet will figure this out for the page as well as for all the frames (and their frames) recursively. Enjoy! Install Drag this to your bookmarklets/favorites or right click and add to […]


Form auto-fill bookmarklet

May 16th, 2006

Intro So here’s the thing, we all know we hate forms, the only thing we hate more than forms themselves is actually filling out forms. But the forms are the interface to our web apps, so we cannot do without them. What we would love to do without, but can’t, is skip the application testing […]