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November 30th, 2009. Tagged: bookmarklets, CSS, JavaScript, performance

In the spirit of the content-to-markup ratio bookmarklet, here's another one that gives you some more data points to help you judge the quality of a page's markup and help answer the old question - where does all this page weight go.

Install the statsy bookmarklet

Drag this link to your bookmarks:


the results

Once you run the bookmarklet it alerts these stats points:

  • JS attributes (e.g. onclick) - this is the sum of all onclick, onmouseover and so on including the attribute names. So for example <a onclick="#"> is 11 characters (bytes) of JavaScript attributes code
  • CSS style attributes - the sum of all style="..."
  • Inline JS - the sum of all the contents of all script tags (excluding the tag itself)
  • Inline CSS - sum of all <style> tag contents
  • All innerHTML - this is document.documentElement.innerHTML.length, it should be close to the ungzipped size of a page, provided the page is not doing a lot of DOM manipulation
  • # DOM elements - the total number of elements on the page is counted simply using document.getElementsByTagName('*').length

Here's example output:
statsy bookmarklet output

The code

The code is here for your tweaking pleasure


Hope you'll find this bookmarklet useful when looking at a page as a companion to YSlow/PageSpeed.

What else should I add to this bookmarklet? # of font tags, # of table tags...?

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