Performance Advent Calendar 2009

November 30th, 2009. Tagged: images, performance

2010 update:
Lo, the Web Performance Advent Calendar hath moved

I like's idea of a webdev advent calendar - publishing one article per day from Dec 1st to Dec 24. I thought it would be cool to have the same thing on web performance topics. Our young performance community would benefit from a year-end heartwarming bunch of articles, maybe some motivational, some wrapping up interesting ideas and techniques that popped up in the past year, this kind of stuff. Ideally it would be a co-effort by performance folks from around the world, but lacking the PM skills and time to organize it (and coming up with the idea kinda late) I'll try to start alone, hopefully next year it would be a community effort.

So this is now just a placeholder post, I'll update it with links to the articles as I write them, one per day is the plan, will see how it will work. So watch this space, you can follow me via the RSS feed or Twitter.

I have a preliminary idea of the articles I intend to write, but it's not at all final or complete, so if you want to see an article on something, or you want to write a guest post, please comment or get in touch in email.

  1. The performance roadmap
  2. Performance tools
  3. Required reading
  4. Psychology of performance
  5. Reducing the number of page components
  6. The pain points of having fewer components
  7. Data URIs, MHTML and IE7/Win7/Vista blues
  8. Collecting web data with a faster, free server by Christian Heilmann
  9. Duplicates and near-duplicates
  10. Caching vs. inlining
  11. Reducing the payload: compression, minification, 204s
  12. Big list of image optimization tools
  13. Give PNG a chance (video)
  14. Free-falling waterfalls
  15. JavaScript loading strategies by Ara Pehlivanian
  16. How To Measure Web Site Performance by Eric Goldsmith
  17. Rendering: repaint, reflow/relayout, restyle
  18. DOM access optimization
  19. The new game show: "Will it reflow?"
  20. Extreme JavaScript optimization by Ara Pehlivanian
  21. Progressive rendering via multiple flushes
  22. iPhone caching
  23. CSS performance: UI with fewer images
  24. The performance business pitch

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