Search site bookmarklet with YUI and BOSS

February 21st, 2009. Tagged: api, bookmarklets, BOSS, JavaScript, yahoo, yui

Ever wanted to search only the web site you're currently on? Not the page, but the whole site. And only this site, not the rest of the web. This bookmarklet does just that.


Right-click this link and add to your bookmarks/favorites. Or just drag to your bookmarks toolbar.

search site

Or if you don't want to add the bookmarklet, you can simply click the link above and try it out.


You can search any site. Just visit the site and click the bookmarklet. There's also keyboard navigation to move up/down the results. The search results display as you type and the first results is highlighted so you can just press Enter and follow the first match of your query.

Here's a short video that shows how you can use the bookmarklet to search my blog.

search site bookmarklet @ Yahoo! Video

Under the hood

The bookmarklet uses YUI and BOSS to do its magic.

YUI (Yahoo User Interface) library's Dom, Event and Get utilities make a task like this so much easier.

BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) is a mildly confusing name for Yahoo Search's API second major iteration. The API allows you to specify a site (or sites) that you want to limit your search query.

The bookmarklet simply includes searchsite.js served from here; the bookmarklet was generated with the help of this bookmaker.

Show me code!

It's on GitHub, right here under the searchsite directory, it's just one script file searchsite.js, not at all documented, but I hope you'll make sense of it.

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