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My online footprint lately

Jul 23rd, 2008

This is a sort of a catch-up post for listing what I’ve been up to lately. YUI Blog just published my first article, I’m so proud. It’s about loading JavaScript in non-blocking fashion, because JavaScripts, they, you know, like, block downloads. Luckily, there’s an easy fix – DOM includes, which I’ve previously discussed, discussed and […]


JSON data island

Feb 12th, 2007

Here’s a hacky thing, I called it JSON data island, referencing the XML data island, that MS came up with for their IE browser. The idea is to use a comment in your HTML that holds some data in JSON format. Then using DOM, you access the comment, eval()-uate it and there you go – […]


JSON renderer for Text_Highlight

Oct 27th, 2006

Text_Highlighter is one of my favourite PEAR packages, seems like I’m addicted to highlighting source code. After adding BB code and simple HTML renderers and an ABAP code syntax definition, today I played with adding a JSON renderer. Useful in case you want to get highlighted source code in your new shiny AJAX app. Array […]


Yahoo API search with JavaScript alone

Oct 12th, 2006

Previously I’ve mentioned how I do image searches with my bigger daughter, hunting for images of Cinderella, Ariel the little mermaid, and other equally beautiful princesses. So I thought why not build a custom little app for the little kid to do this, I mean, her, being the good (and beautiful) girl that she is, […]


JSON JavaScript cookies

Sep 27th, 2006

Here’s a little thing I came up with, which hopefully can make reading/writing cookies with JavaScript easier. The big idea The idea is to keep a JavaScript object (a hash array) of all little variable things you want to store in a cookie. Then, once ready, you encode the object into a JSON string and […]


JavaScript to find your Yahoo! ranking

Apr 19th, 2006

Motivation Inspired by this article on SitePoint that shows how to find the Google ranking for a specific page and a search query, I decided to do the same, but for the Yahoo! ranking. The fun part is that my script is a JavaScript and requires nothing but a browser in order to run. How […]