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Minimum Viable Sharing Meta Tags

Dec 28th, 2017

MVSMT for short… yeah, like this is going to catch on. So anyway. Before starting publishing the Web Performance Calendar this year I though: hey, them articles should show up nicer when shared in the most Social of Medias. You know, a big ol’ image and that. (It’s not really how I talk actually, even […]


HTTPS migration: a WordPress blog hosted on Dreamhost

Jan 8th, 2017

I use Dreamhost. Have been since 2008. If you’re not using Dreamhost… well, go sign up and here’s $50 off of the $97 yearly plan. Now some folks reminded me recently that the Perf calendar was not yet migrated to HTTPS… True enough. I have to do it. Eventually. In any normal situation I’ll procrastinate […]


15 minutes could save you…

May 17th, 2010

Since I have a ton of things to do, I decided it was about time to spend some time with this blog, performance optimization-wise. Not do anything special, just the bare minimum, the no-brainer, works-every-time, easy stuff. And I’m quite happy with the results. I only looked at the homepage, although the results will be […]


Flipity flop –

Nov 19th, 2009

Randomly browsing something on the iPhone it occurred to me that people could prefix their mobile sites with “mmm” instead of “m” or “i”, as in mmm.mysite.tld. It’s longer, true, but I don’t think it will take longer to type three m’s instead of one. And it’s funny – mmm, it’s like www. Only… flipped. […]


Test post from YQL

Jul 9th, 2009

It works! I can post from YQL — Update: The post above was a test posting from YQL. This is pretty cool! YQL (Yahoo Query Language) lets you do SELECTs from any service on the web. Actually doesn’t need to be a service, can be HTML (yes, scraping) or even plain text. Anything is data. […]


OpenSearch-enabling your blog

Jan 30th, 2009

Have you noticed when you visit some sites, there’s a bluish glow in the search engine field in Firefox. Like this: What does that even mean? Well, it means you can add this site’s search to the drop down list of search engines. This functionality is following the open search standard. The things are actually […]


Half-a**ed Adsense

May 18th, 2008

It’s official, I switched to the dark side. Not only does this blog has ads but they are Google’s adsense. But hey, you gotta try. Because I was so hesitant and have been postponing this moment for years, I only did it half-way. I added a condition – only show ads when displaying a single […]


Sancta Simplicitas: minimalistic WordPress theme using YUI CSS

Apr 25th, 2008

Sancta Simplicitas is a WordPress theme that uses YUI CSS utilities: reset, base, fonts, grids. It’s very minimalistic in a sense that it’s pretty much all white and simple. Hence the name. The theme is probably not usable by itself, but it’s a base on top of which you can create your own themes. When […] up again

Mar 26th, 2008

After getting 300 megs of wiki content spam, I deleted the old wiki over at Now restarted the project as a blog with static pages for the javascript patterns and blog posts for anything interesting in the ever so exciting world of JavaScript. So far nothing special there (example), but keep an eye on […]



Sep 27th, 2006

Just published my previous posting and saw that apart from putting it in the JSON and JS categories, I’ve forgotten to take out the WordPress’ default “Uncategorized” category. For a moment I wondered how many other people are making the same mistake, so I did a tag search in Technorati for Uncategorized. 7,102,321 posts! Compared […]


Hosted blog at

Nov 25th, 2005 was launched after a testing, pre-go-live period.


Nielsen’s list of blog usability issues and me

Oct 18th, 2005

Jakob Nielsen posted his vision on the top 10 usability problems with blogs. As always, a fascinating read. See where this blog stands on those.


HTML entities converter

Jun 16th, 2005

Often when you post code (in WordPress for example), you need to manually convert your >s into &gt;s, <s into &lt;s and so on. It can become tedious at times, so today I created this HTML entities converter tool to help me out.


highlighting php source code in WordPress

Mar 11th, 2005

The source code highlighting was probably the first feature I was missing in WordPress. I briefly googled my options and decided it would be quicker to add the missing feature myself, since it looked pretty straightforward.


Smart quotes in WP

Mar 7th, 2005

I didn’t like the way WP is adding smart qoutes to my posts. This is especially annoying when you post programming code. So it had to go :-\
I couldn’t find an option to disable smart-quoting in the WordPress back-end so I took a look at the code and commented a few lines.