Sancta Simplicitas: minimalistic WordPress theme using YUI CSS

April 25th, 2008. Tagged: WordPress, yui

Sancta Simplicitas WordPress theme screenshot

Sancta Simplicitas is a WordPress theme that uses YUI CSS utilities: reset, base, fonts, grids. It's very minimalistic in a sense that it's pretty much all white and simple. Hence the name. The theme is probably not usable by itself, but it's a base on top of which you can create your own themes.

When creating a new WordPress theme, people usually take the default Kubrick theme but I personally find Kubrick too much. So Sancta Simplicitas has a very minimal stylesheet and is based on the WordPress classic theme.

The fact that it uses YUI grids makes it trivial to tweak: fixed size vs full width, width of the sidebar, position of the sidebar. Basically right after the <body> there's this:

<div id="doc3" class="yui-t5">

Changing the id doc3 to doc, doc2, doc4 or doc5 will give you different widths of the content. The default doc3 is full width. Then changing the class name yui-t5 will give you different position and width of the sidebar. yui-t1, yui-t2 and yui-t3 put the sidebar on the left hand side, yui-t4, yui-t5 and yui-t6 place it to the right. You can go even crazier from here, nesting grids to get a two-column sidebar and so on, it's really easy with YUI grids and the docs are here.

Download Sancta Simplicitas


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