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March 7th, 2005. Tagged: WordPress

I didn't like the way WP is adding smart qoutes to my posts. This is especially annoying when you post programming code. So it had to go :-\
I couldn't find an option to disable smart-quoting in the WordPress back-end so I took a look at the code and commented a few lines.

The commented lines were in
in the wptexturize() function
right after the cockney conversions.

$curl = preg_replace("/'s/", '’s', $curl);
$curl = preg_replace("/'(\d\d(?:’|')?s)/", "’$1", $curl);
$curl = preg_replace('/(\s|\A|")\'/', '$1‘', $curl);
$curl = preg_replace('/(\d+)"/', '$1″', $curl);
$curl = preg_replace("/(\d+)'/", '$1′', $curl);
$curl = preg_replace("/(\S)'([^'\s])/", "$1’$2", $curl);
$curl = preg_replace('/(\s|\A)"(?!\s)/', '$1“$2', $curl);
$curl = preg_replace('/"(\s|\S|\Z)/', '”$1', $curl);
$curl = preg_replace("/'([\s.]|\Z)/", '’$1', $curl);
$curl = preg_replace("/ \(tm\)/i", ' ™', $curl);
$curl = str_replace("''", '”', $curl);

In this code snippet, the conversion of (tm) into ™ was also disabled, this is the line before the last one. Feel free to keep it your code, it was just easier to comment out the whole block.

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