JSPatterns.com up again

March 26th, 2008. Tagged: JavaScript, Spam, WordPress

After getting 300 megs of wiki content spam, I deleted the old wiki over at http://www.jspatterns.com.

Now restarted the project as a blog with static pages for the javascript patterns and blog posts for anything interesting in the ever so exciting world of JavaScript. So far nothing special there (example), but keep an eye on it, as I plan to fill up the TOC (recovered from the old wiki) with top quality content 😉

I suck at design and wasted two nights to come up with some custom wordpress theme for the new blog. I like the result, but that's just me. I also made the theme available for download, in case someone wants to consider it for a future project.

Talking of spam, yesterday my host deleted 2 gigs!!! of email spam from my hosting account, how crazy is that.

The new JSPatterns.com is running the latest release candidate WordPress 2.5, slick stuff.

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