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Running JPEG-XL tools on shared Dreamhost

Jul 20th, 2023

Let’s see how to setup and run cjxl (and its sibling djxl) on a simple shared hosting provider so you can encode and decode JPEG-XL (aka JXL) images. How There are better ways to install libjxl and its command-line tools but they require you to have sufficient privileges on your computer or server. With inexpensive […]


HTTPS migration: a WordPress blog hosted on Dreamhost

Jan 8th, 2017

I use Dreamhost. Have been since 2008. If you’re not using Dreamhost… well, go sign up and here’s $50 off of the $97 yearly plan. Now some folks reminded me recently that the Perf calendar was not yet migrated to HTTPS… True enough. I have to do it. Eventually. In any normal situation I’ll procrastinate […]


12 questions to ask your host-to-be

Sep 1st, 2007

I was working on an article discussing how to implement Yahoo’s 13 rules for front-end performance on a shared host, I hope the article will be out soon. Anyway I have access to accounts at a few hosts –,,, so I was trying out the stuff I wrote in the article and […]