September 27th, 2006. Tagged: Fun, Uncategorized, WordPress

Just published my previous posting and saw that apart from putting it in the JSON and JS categories, I've forgotten to take out the WordPress' default "Uncategorized" category. For a moment I wondered how many other people are making the same mistake, so I did a tag search in Technorati for Uncategorized.


7,102,321 posts! Compared to 33,637 posts with the tag "Comedy" which had the biggest font size in the homepage tagcloud. Man, as much as I like WordPress, I would blame the usability of the software in this case. 7 million incorrectly tagged posts cannot be wrong.

The other funny thing about the technorati page is the sponsored link, did you notice: "Find Uncategorized here, thousands of products..." 😉

BTW, just checked again and the posts are now 7,103,019. So it's like 1000 new uncategorized posts every 10-15 minutes.

Yeah, and I'm totally tagging this post Uncategorized! 😀

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