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Open source CMS award 2009

Nov 5th, 2009

It’s this time of the year again – the Packt open source CMS awards. Yours truly has been in the jury in the past two years in the “PHP CMS” category, this time I was selected to judge in the “Other” category. So I had the pleasure of reviewing 5 non-PHP content management systems. Very […]


Best open-source PHP CMS 2008

Oct 26th, 2008

It’s that time of the year again. Time to cast my vote as part of the jury in Packt’s open-source awards, category “PHP CMS”. (for my last year’s rant, check the internet archive copy) How to judge a CMS? How to judge a CMS? Tough one. How do you judge any piece of software anyway? […]


My performance article up on SitePoint

Oct 25th, 2007



5 domain names – 5 CMS’s

Oct 2nd, 2007

As bloged before, my publisher organizes a “Best CMS” award thingie and I’m one of the judges in the “Best PHP CMS” category. It’s time now to sit on my behind and judge, as scary as it sounds. I have to pick three from the five finalists in the PHP category in any order, so […]


CMS award nominations open

Jul 16th, 2007

Nominate your favorite open-source CMS before August 31st. (Yours truly is one of the judges in the PHP category.)



Jun 21st, 2007

I’ve been selected as a judge in this year’s Open Source CMS Award, organized by Packt Publishing. I’ll be voting for three out of 5 PHP CMS projects where those 5 are selected by votes from the site visitors. Join me in a discussion I started at “What do you think makes a good […]