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October 2nd, 2007. Tagged: CMS, php

As bloged before, my publisher organizes a "Best CMS" award thingie and I'm one of the judges in the "Best PHP CMS" category. It's time now to sit on my behind and judge, as scary as it sounds. I have to pick three from the five finalists in the PHP category in any order, so that makes it easier. It could also mean I just pick two I don't like and call it a day. But I want to be more responsible than that and actually experience the pain and the pleasure of building a web site with each CMS. Installing, customizing, add/edit/publishing content, upgrading ... the whole thing.

So I picked 5 domains of mine that already have something published and decided to convert them to one of the CMS's. I picked which CMS will be used for each domain by ordering the domains and the CMS's alphabetically, I think this is as random as any other way of doing it. Here's the list in the format: domain-cms-description.

  • bebetata.com - CMS Made Simple - will have photos of my kids, content in Bulgarian, "bebetata" means "the babies"
  • csssprites.com - Drupal - currently tool for creating CSS sprites, will expand to have articles, tips, etc.
  • hiliteme.com - e107 - tool for highlighting code, will add articles, different methods to highlight, etc.
  • jspatterns.com - Joomla! - best/worst practices when it comes to coding javascript
  • ragtimebg.com - PHP Fusion - this will be a site for my mother-in-law's business, in Bulgarian. "About us", "contact", that kind of stuff. Also articles on how to take care of your tires. The current version is at ragtime.hit.bg (don't laugh, this site is ooold, featuring client-side inclusion of header and footer, using document.write, fun stuff)

As you can see, different sites with different requirements, so hopefully I'll think of interesting scenarios to try and achieve with each CMS. Any requirement I implement in one CMS, I'll try in all others, so that things are as fair as possible.

I posted initial musings on the "best CMS" problem some time ago in this posting over at opensourcecommunity.org, where the charming Amy Stephen is a frequent contributor.

Wish me luck to have this initiative more than just a nice "wannado".

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