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January 28th, 2010. Tagged: facebook, performance, yahoo, yui

I'm sure quite a few of you my fellow readers are crazy about web performance. And if you're seeking new challenges, timing can't be any better. Below are three excellent opportunities in three of the most high-traffic sites on the planet.

  • Yahoo
    Yahoo! Search is hiring a senior performance engineer. Yep, you'll be working with me and a bunch of incredible folks.
  • eBay
    eBay is hiring a performance engineer. I had the pleasure of delivering a tech talk there, it looks like a great place to be, fast-paced, and they do take performance seriously, lot of opportunities to sharpen your perf teeth (I don' have a URL, hit me up ssttoo at gmail if you're interested)
  • Facebook
    Facebook is hiring a performance engineer. Depending on who you trust, FB is #2 or #3 most popular site, so the challenge is definitely there. I've spoken to several awesome people, like David Wei performance engineer and researcher extraordinaire, and let me tell you, things are happening and you'll never be bored, even for a second.

And, not perf-related, but an extraordinary opportunity at YUI was announced today, it almost sounds too good to be true. One of the most important thing about a job is the people you'll be working with. Well, with YUI you can't wish for a higher concentration of front-end brain power. It's scary 🙂

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