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Advertising and privacy

Aug 9th, 2008

We now have an option to opt-out of advertising cookies that track your behaviour: Google’s opt out page Yahoo’s


When PNG8 is not the right choice

Jul 26th, 2008

Dave Artz has a nice post about PNG8 and alpha transparency, my extensive comments on his article are awaiting moderation right now 🙂 Dave has a very cool blog btw, only a few posts but they are all really good, there’s a video tutorial of AOL’s Pagetest tool and a discussion on non-blocking javascripts, something […]


Story of stuff

Dec 5th, 2007

Take the time to watch this. (via Phil) Consumption and energy and recycling and generally destroying our planet are all topics that are increasingly interesting to me. Currently reading “Why we buy” to better understand the enemy within 😉


Microsoft’s IIS and PHP

Nov 3rd, 2006 Microsoft has formed a technical partnership with Zend Technologies to optimize its open-source scripting language PHP to work better with Windows Information Server. Further in the article there are some lines that can always make you smile, like … “Yeah, that’s ma boy” 😀 For example: PHP is now the leading scripting language on […]



Feb 20th, 2006

Check out coComment – a new and promising free web service.