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The 5 Laws of the Website Anything

Mar 4th, 2009

Via Eric Goldsmith, I found today this nice Web Performance 101 article, where the author, Alberto Savoia, states Top Four Laws of Web Site Performance. The article is as old as 2001 (heh, back then “website”, being a relatively newer concept was spelled “web site” 😉 ) and the topic is performance, but the “laws” […]


Project management for the rest of us

Jan 6th, 2008

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. – John Lennon Project is what happens while you’re busy with strategy, planning or priotitizing. – Stoyan Stefanov And I’m not even talking about other equally amusing activities such as updating your Gantt charts, percent task completion and WBS 😀


Story of stuff

Dec 5th, 2007

Take the time to watch this. (via Phil) Consumption and energy and recycling and generally destroying our planet are all topics that are increasingly interesting to me. Currently reading “Why we buy” to better understand the enemy within 😉


On Raymond Chandler’s writing

Oct 26th, 2007

I’ve never been into crime fiction. I mean I’ve read The Hound of the Baskervilles, but that’s about it. I like Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, looove Kurt Vonnegut, enjoyed On the Road, Catch-22… So it came as a surprise even to me when I started reading Raymond Chandler and actually enjoying it. The thing is […]


She has it all figured out

Oct 3rd, 2007

Ever asked yourself questions like “What’s the meaning of it all?”, “Are we alone in the Universe?”, “Where’s the mankind heading?”, “What’s my purpose in life?” I bet you have, everyone asks, but no one knows. People come up with stuff like religion because it’s just too depressing to have the most important questions unanswered. […]


Chicken Soup for the Programmer’s Soul

Jan 27th, 2006

You have to check this new article by Paul Graham… “How to do what you love”