Chicken Soup for the Programmer’s Soul

January 27th, 2006. Tagged: Fun, Life and everything

Check this out: Love what you do.

As I have already posted, a few months ago I discovered Paul Graham's site and I must admit, I love his articles. If someday they put up a book from the Chicken Soup series (you know, "stories that touch the heart and rekindle the spirit"...), entitled "Chicken Soup for the Programmer's Soul", they have the material right there, on his site, the articles are really inspiring.

Chicken soup? Why not, I mean there's already "Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul", for the Ocean lover's soul, for the sports fan's soul and other rather curious titles. OK, OK, I admit, the programmers probably don't fall into the group that will read such inspirational literature, but hey, nevertheless, I would argue that the programmers are not less important than the horse lovers, are they? 😀

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