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October 3rd, 2007. Tagged: Life and everything

Ever asked yourself questions like "What's the meaning of it all?", "Are we alone in the Universe?", "Where's the mankind heading?", "What's my purpose in life?" I bet you have, everyone asks, but no one knows. People come up with stuff like religion because it's just too depressing to have the most important questions unanswered. Others joke about it, saying the answer is 42, admitting their cluelessness.

Well, my friend, worry no more, she has it all figured out.

O's guide to Life

Finally there's a book you can get on Amazon for the miserable pocket money "$19.77 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping" that will answer your most important questions and set your heart and mind at ease. "O's guide to Life" how comforting does this sound! Easy-to-follow instructions, pure wisdom, inspiration, "everything's alright now, everything's fine, close your eyes and relax, thinking of nothing tonight"

Some dudes (I'm looking at you, Buddha) spend years in meditation, trying to experience Nirvana, others dive into science or religion, others become mystics searching for the "other" thing hidden behind the apparent. Some claim they are a Lizard King, others... the list goes on. Well, with all due respect, they're all looking at wrong directions.

In order to "figure it out", the guide to Life, that is, one has to be an ultra busy host of a daily TV show, magazine publisher, interviewer, hi-life party goer/thrower, you have to read tens of books monthly so you can recommend one, you have to be involved in charity work and so on, and so on. That's how you do it.

We're so lucky, just in time for the Christmas shopping, O comes down to us mere mortals and gives us Her Guide, oh Happy Day!

I suspect there's more though, for the next two shopping seasons we might be able to enjoy the other parts of the trilogy:
- O's guide to Life
- O's guide to Universe
- O's guide to Everything

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