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The 5 Laws of the Website Anything

Mar 4th, 2009

Via Eric Goldsmith, I found today this nice Web Performance 101 article, where the author, Alberto Savoia, states Top Four Laws of Web Site Performance. The article is as old as 2001 (heh, back then “website”, being a relatively newer concept was spelled “web site” 😉 ) and the topic is performance, but the “laws” […]


PHP fun

May 6th, 2006

I remember reading a discussion over at Sitepoint – has the fun gone out of PHP? No it isn’t! No way, the fun is here… or should I say PHun 😉 Check this out – videos from a beer drinking contest at a PHP conference. I love how serious the gyus are, I mean, at […]


Form auto-fill toolbars and the colors of the inputs

Mar 5th, 2006

I recently posted about those auto-fill utilities, like the one found in the Google toolbar and the problem they cause when you use light colors fonts in your input fields. Now, here’s a solution to this problem.


Light color fonts in inputs

Feb 20th, 2006

When your site is on a dark background, the form fields might suffer from … eh, unreadability. Here’s an example with two, otherwise great, blog designs.