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May 6th, 2006. Tagged: Fun, Usability

I remember reading a discussion over at Sitepoint - has the fun gone out of PHP? No it isn't! No way, the fun is here... or should I say PHun 😉

Check this out - videos from a beer drinking contest at a PHP conference. I love how serious the gyus are, I mean, at the end, a contest is a contest, you're serious or you're out, it is a serious matter and should be taken with the necessary amount of responsibility 😉

And how about this T-shirt on sale at php|arch?

PHP T-shirt

While it may be amusing in a sorta geeky kinda way to wear your programming inclinations (or any other inclinations, for that matter) on a t-shirt, I believe I stopped doing it long time ago, my last fan t-shirt was probably the one displaying a nasty scene from a Canibal Corpse's album cover (man, am I that old!)

The nice thing about the shopping experience at php|arch, usability-wise, is that they really make sure you're aware of the shipping details. Did you see, they ship only to North America and the Rest of the World. No way you can get that t-shirt delivered on Mars or Venus, sorry, not at this time, working on it...

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