LA Web devs meetup at Yahoo

July 23rd, 2007. Tagged: California, facebook, News/personal, php, yahoo

So there is this group of local LA web developers that meet every month or so to meet and discuss what's up. More about/join the group here.

This month Yahoo will be hosting the meetup in the Santa Monica office (my workplace), it's actually tomorrow, so if you're in LA, don't miss the opportunity for beer, pizza and meeting fellow web devs. RSVP here.

On Yahoo's side, Jim Bumgardner, a.k.a. krazydad will be demoing the Facebook app he did that allows you to find music videos and discover artists similar to the ones you like. The app, Jim talking about it, Yahoo Developers Network posting.

Sounds like it would be fun, and also a chance for a local web dev to see what Yahoo's office looks like, meet some of the people that work here, and in a way to try-before-you-apply 😀

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