Start wearing purple

December 2nd, 2008. Tagged: Music, News/personal, performance, yahoo

Today was officially my first day at my new job at in Yahoo! Search. In the spirit of less-is-more I'm stepping out of the position of improving the performance of all Yahoo's sites worldwide to improving the performance of just one Yahoo! Search - in the US first, then maybe helping globally. I'm excited by the new opportunity and I'm not just saying it. Having in mind how smart I am (muhaha) and how committed YSearch is to performance, can't help but give a friendly warning to all the dear readers of my blog: if you own GOOG stock, now is the time to consider a second look at your portfolio 😛

Anyway, I felt like doing something silly and here's what I came up - my first online video (videos of my kids don't count). I decided to play a rendition of "Start Wearing Purple" by Gogol Bordello on my acoustic and video tape it. This song (here's a vid of the original) is something of a hymn for Y!

So here's the video, enjoy!

start wearing purple @ Yahoo! Video

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