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Yahoo Music API

Aug 7th, 2008

This was meant to be a longer posts with examples and such, but Jim Bumgardner said it and coded it better than I could 🙂 He’s been with Y!Music way longer than me and has done way cooler stuff. As a front-end engineer for Yahoo! Music, I’ve always thought it would great if the web […]


first book review and a new instrumental piece

Aug 5th, 2008

The first review for OOJS is posted on Amazon – 5 stars, yeey! (My copies still hasn’t arrived, talk about weird, eh?). If anyone is interested in reading my book and posting a review on Amazon or some other site, let me know, my publisher might be willing to send you a copy. Here’s another […]



Jul 1st, 2008

So I got one year older last week, no, the week before and I got a gift: a guitar processor. A DigiTech RP250 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal, to be precise. Yeey! The thing has so many pre-build effects, some of them really weird as you can hear. And can be plugged into the PC via […]


Kiss alive

May 17th, 2008

I’ve never been a Kiss fan, but went to see them while in Bulgaria. The show was excellent, lots of fireworks, fire breathing and all kinds of effects. More theatre than music, but fun nevertheless. It’s a whole different experience than for example Pearl Jam, which is my kind of show, because it’s all about […]


Crowes and Crows

Mar 28th, 2008

Currently enjoying two new albums by two older bands: The Black Crowes – Warpaint Counting Crows – Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings Cool stuff, especially the first one. Can’t help but be a little worried about the fact that I seem to have stopped my musical development somewhere in the nineties, and just keep listening […]


Sharpenning those flamenco skillz

Feb 6th, 2008

What’s new today? Let me see. [x] Wrote the first sentence of chapter 6 of the new book. Goes like this “After encapsulation, inheritance is probably the most important feature of the object-oriented programming”. Promising, but not exactly progress. Good news is I already wrote all the code for the chapter. [x] My teammate Nicole […]


Audacity + Starcaster

Jan 30th, 2008

(if you see this in a RSS reader, come to the page to hear the music) (Now that I got this Starcaster and also completed the first 5 chapters of the new book) Yesterday, I was wondering how I can record some music, so I searched for open-source sound recorder and came across this beautiful […]


MP3 player from Yahoo! – bookmarklet

Jan 23rd, 2008

Update Jan 30, 2008: updated code based on comments and code from Carl Update Dec 11, 2008: updated the code thanks to the comment from Nolan Here’s the scenario: you have a page that links to some .mp3 files. You add a line of code in your page and lo and behold, there’s a nice […]



Jan 8th, 2008

Look what Santa brought this year: A Starcaster by Fender! (Not to be confused with Stratocaster.) Packed with an amp and everything. Looking forward to posting some recordings in 2008!


Charlotte and Beck

Nov 5th, 2006

Some new music, well new for me, I’m listening to: Charlotte Gainsbourg’s 5:55, very nice, helps me with concentration 🙂 Air contributed to this album, I love Air, saw them live in Montreal maybe a year or so ago. Beck’s The Information. Makes a Sunday midnight, spent in reviewing and deleting 896 comments held for […]


Audioslave live in Montreal

Oct 9th, 2005

My ears are still bleeding form yesterday’s show.


Pearl Jam live

Sep 24th, 2005

Last week I went again to see Pearl Jam, my favourite band, live.


Coldplay live

Aug 6th, 2005