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May 17th, 2008. Tagged: Bulgaria, Music

I've never been a Kiss fan, but went to see them while in Bulgaria. The show was excellent, lots of fireworks, fire breathing and all kinds of effects. More theatre than music, but fun nevertheless. It's a whole different experience than for example Pearl Jam, which is my kind of show, because it's all about the music and being simple, honest and non-celebrity. I was looking to recognize a piece that Mike McCready from Pearl Jam says he stole from Kiss, in turn stolen from The Doors. The piece in question is the beginning of the Alive (Pearl Jam) solo, which is like the beginning of Five To One (Doors) and the middle of the She (Kiss) solo, at least I think She was the song.

Tried to do a few photos with a camera phone.

The opening band, Cinder Road, apparently something like a post-glam band, inspired by bands (from one of the worst periods in pop music 😉 ) like Poison, Motley Crue and obviously Cinderella.

In fact I think Cinder Road sounded better than Kiss, maybe because they couldn't rely on effects but had to actually play.

Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley

Yep, I was close to the stage, although I moved away eventually. The sound from the back was better.

Starchild, I think was the nick name of this dude.

At some point there were lots of flying little pieces of paper, lots and lots of them, much like snow.

The moon

My sister in the foreground, yet another explosion of sound and light on the stage in the background.

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