July 1st, 2008. Tagged: Music

So I got one year older last week, no, the week before and I got a gift: a guitar processor. A DigiTech RP250 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal, to be precise. Yeey! The thing has so many pre-build effects, some of them really weird as you can hear. And can be plugged into the PC via USB, so cool.

I recorded a sort of a piece today, using one of the pre-builds, the display says the name is of the effect is STEPPN, hence the name of my new song 😀


It's a long piece, actually, believe or not, I plugged the guitar 20 seconds after the start of my creation. Before that I'm just playing with the cable jack and enjoying the noises. There's also a drum machine that comes (absolutely free 😉 ) with the guitar processor. There's no mixing going on (it takes so much time), just plug and play, one guitar and this is it. I eventually turn on the drums at some point. If you listen carefully you can hear Jimi Hendrix and Pearl Jam in there. Also something that resembles the fly of the bumblebee. And yeah, the whole thing is very Jimmy Pagelicious, Zeppelinicious and Dazedilicious and Confusedilicious.

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