Sharpenning those flamenco skillz

February 6th, 2008. Tagged: Music, News/personal

What's new today? Let me see.

[x] Wrote the first sentence of chapter 6 of the new book. Goes like this "After encapsulation, inheritance is probably the most important feature of the object-oriented programming". Promising, but not exactly progress. Good news is I already wrote all the code for the chapter.
[x] My teammate Nicole posted an interesting entry on blog. Especially interesting if you happen to care about web page performance and you're also a US voter. I haven't voted in yeeeaars. Wasn't allowed to vote in Canada initially and just when I became Canadian I moved to US where I'm also not allowed to vote. Oh, well. Don't like any candidate anyway.
[x] Christian Heilmann posted on Ajaxian about the canvas Pie I published last night

... and ...

[x] I recorded again!!

It's a piece loosely based on a Paco De Lucia song I tried to figure out for myself long ago. For this recording I used a microphone specially designed for acoustic guitars (gift from my best-men) but the problem is I plugged it into the microphone jack on the laptop, so there is some nasty amplification. I tried to de-amplify in Audacity.

Here goes: Paco. Hope ya like it! 😀

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