php|works Atlanta

Nov 13th, 2008

Thanks to everyone who attended my image optimization talk at the php|works + PyWorks conference in Atlanta. And thanks for all the questions! I love questions, feels more natural – just geeks talking to geeks – as opposed to one guy sitting on a podium and talking. And the slides: Image Optimization for the Web […] presentations

Oct 5th, 2008 is getting more and more buzz all over the internets. Now there’s even a song about it! Me and Nicole are pretty busy answering email, but a little slow to document the thing, I though I should at least shed some light on how the tool works by using some of the presentations. What […]


php|works and pyWorks

Sep 10th, 2008

I’ll be speaking at the php|works and pyWorks conferences in Atlanta, Georgia in November, they’ll be held together and there is a central track that has topics of interest to both phpiers and pythonistas, this is where I come in. The conference(s) schedule is here and this is me: “Image optimization for the web”


Vote for my SXSW 2009 panel

Aug 13th, 2008

Stuart Colville has put up a proposal for the South By Southwest Interactive 2009 conference, or SXSWi 2009 for short. This is a panel with me and Nicole from Yahoo!’s performance team and Stuart and Ed (ex-UK-Yahoo!s, currently in GCAP Media). In Stuart’s own words: … a panel on practical performance techniques featuring Stoyan Stefanov […]