Vote for my SXSW 2009 panel

August 13th, 2008. Tagged: News/personal, performance

Stuart Colville has put up a proposal for the South By Southwest Interactive 2009 conference, or SXSWi 2009 for short. This is a panel with me and Nicole from Yahoo!'s performance team and Stuart and Ed (ex-UK-Yahoo!s, currently in GCAP Media). In Stuart's own words:

... a panel on practical performance techniques featuring Stoyan Stefanov and Nicole Sullivan of Yahoo!’s Exceptional performance team alongside Ed Eliot and myself. In this panel we'd like to talk about all aspects of the practical things that can be applied to any site to improve the front-end performance.

To vote for this panel please visit "Practical Website Performance"

The way SXSWi works is the community votes for the proposals they consider worthy. And the selected proposals get to go to the conference.

This was the long version.

Short version: vote for me!

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