At the (Java)Ranch this week

August 27th, 2008. Tagged: writing

JavaRanch Moose There's a book promotion event this week at the JavaRanch's HTML and JavaScript forum, ranchers are asking all kinds of interesting questions about my OOJS book. There will be a free book giveaway at the end of the week, so come in and join the fun.

Yesterday my post count got from 0 to 15 and today I see that there are even more interesting questions, so it will be a busy night. I'm all armed with a big cup of coffee, Pepsi MAX (twice the caffeine, zero callories, contains aspartame which causes cancer and should be outlawed, but let's live on the edge for now), so off I go!

BTW, I noticed today that my book was #17 in the JavaScript category on Amazon, watch out Doug Crockford and Dave Flanagan! 😀

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