Slides from JSConf

April 28th, 2009. Tagged: JavaScript, performance, speaking

I'm back from the most excellent JSConf (JavaScript Conference) in Washington D.C. I'm tired and need sleep but the conference was, hands down, the best conference I've ever attended. It was all about the community, it was inexpensive, with parties all around, both speakers and attendees were treated exceptionally well, in fact there wasn't a big difference since attendees presented just as good content on the B-track as did the A-track.

Here are my slides, "High Performance Kick Ass Web Apps (the JavaScript edition)". I changed the slides on the night before the presentation (and after the first night's party). The thing is that I was halfway through the slides and approaching 90 slides and I realized there's no way I will deliver so much content. One day... I'll prepare my slides way in advance and will actually practice delivering the talk...

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