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May 12th, 2009. Tagged: News/personal, writing

In the spirit of tooting one's own horn....

Top 3

This morning I noticed my OOJS book is #3 in Amazon's JavaScript category, wo-hoo! Then it dropped down but in the evening it's up again. Nice company - OOJS, Doug Crockford's book and David Flanagan's giant Rhino JS book.

Not that I'm obsessed with my Amazon ranking, of course not (yeah, right), but I'm happy when the book sells in the top 25 (first page in the JavaScript bestsellers list). In the good days it's around 10, in exceptionally bad days, drops out of first page. But top 3 - nice! promo

book cover

You can enter to win one of the three free copies of the book over at Very kind words in the nettuts article and over 500 comments so far! Nettuts is a very cool site, I'd love to be able to contribute an article or two at some point in the future.

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My publisher, Packt Publishing, has established an "Author of the Year" award. So help me win that weapon baby and vote for me.

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