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July 25th, 2006. Tagged: News/personal

Hi all, after a long time of silence, I wanted to drop a line here to say I'm still alive. I'm back from beautiful Bulgaria, had a great time there, friends, family, trailer trip. Now I'm back in Montreal, moved to and working on the new house we bought at the end of May; it's coming along pretty nice, but all this renovation work really does take time, especially if you're doing it yourself ("with a little help from my friends") and you don't have too much experience. But I'm actually enjoying being away from the monitor all day, it was a surprising discovery 😉

Meanwhile other things are happening, but they are mainly result of work I've done previously. The second part of my MDB2 tutorial was published in the IPM (TOC). In the same issue, the magazine published a book review of mine, actually it's the first book review I've ever written. It's about this excellent book - AJAX and PHP. I have a few other book (and one software) reviews piped, I'll probably publish them here on this blog. Meanwhile I also became the lead dev for the Image_Text PEAR package, expect a quick intro soon. The last news is that I submitted the first draft of one chapter I'm contributing to what is going to be a great book. Details later.

I thinks that's it for now. Probably there won't be too much postings in the nearest future (I started a new job on top of everything), but I'll be back!

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