Bulgaria, IPM, quick update

June 12th, 2006. Tagged: News/personal, PEAR

I'm currently on a vacation in my native land Bulgaria, the party's on (and so the soccer World Cup finals) so It wuould be quiet around here for a while. Meanwhile I've disabled comments, trackbacks and pingbacks, I appologize, it's just that I'm receiving a lot of spam and since I don't have the time to clean it, the spam will look as an insult to my readers.I cannot find the WordPress option to disable comments retroactively, so all comments will be held for moderation. I appologize once again.

Meanwhile my article on DB and MDB2 was published in the International PHP Magazine, the TOC is here. This article is an extended and improved version of the original DB-to-MDB2 blog posting you can find here, plus I've added an intro part in case you've never used DB or MDB2.

BTW, I'm enjoying writing this post on a dial-up and using IE5.5., this is an experience that is pretty ... interesting 😉


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