phpDoc clip library for TextPad

August 30th, 2006. Tagged: PEAR, tools

Here's a little something I did to make it a bit easier to write API docs in TextPad, it's a clip library to save some typing when writing comments in the phpDoc format. I submitted it to the TextPad team, so at some point it will probably appear in the downloads section, but meanwhile you can get from here.


  1. Download the file phpdoc.tcl
  2. Copy to your Samples directory in the TextPad folder
  3. Make sure the Clip Library panel is on (menu option View -> Clip Library)
  4. Choose phpDoc clip from the dropdown in the Clip Library panel

Some screenshots

Type in some class description, highlight and then select "Class comment"

phpdoc1.PNG phpdoc2.PNG

Example class property comment
phpdoc3.PNG phpdoc4.PNG

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