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Web Testing Framework

Jun 20th, 2010

There’s a new version and now hosted on AMO ( Get the new version there and it will take care of auto-updates in the future. WFT Web Testing Framework (WTF) is an extension to YSlow that tests for the following shady web dev practices: Use of <blink> Use of <marquee> Use of <font> Missing doctype […]


Help write the lyrics to “Give PNG a chance”

Sep 3rd, 2009

As you know yours truly is a guitar hero wannabe. So I’m playing with the idea of recording a song/video called “Give PiNG a Chance”, cover of “Give peace a chance”. Hopefully whoever hears it will then think twice before saving a GIF instead of PNG. Imagine. And the web will be as one… 😀 […]


3 additional Web 1.0 tips and tricks

Nov 22nd, 2007

Dustin Diaz has posted on his blogs (what’s a blog? there were no blogs in good old web 1.0) “7 hottest web 1.0 techniques”. While those are nice and highly recommended, let me in on a few little secrets. 1. script language=JavaScript When including a script into a page, you need to specify the language. […]


OPML to HTML via JavaScript

Oct 6th, 2006

Earlier today in a discussion with the lovely Amy Stephen, I thought of posting the RSS feeds I read. So I was thinking I would need to approach this in a good old web 1.0. way, finding a way to scrap content from the Google Reader. Luckily for me, I saw they have an Export […]


Exploring Web1.0 kitsch – YUI snowflakes

Sep 24th, 2006

This post talks about how to make the snowflakes effect using YUI.


Marquee search-engine spam

Nov 10th, 2005

Stumbled upon an example of using the long-forgotten marquee tag to spam search engines.