3 additional Web 1.0 tips and tricks

November 22nd, 2007. Tagged: Web1.0

Dustin Diaz has posted on his blogs (what's a blog? there were no blogs in good old web 1.0) "7 hottest web 1.0 techniques". While those are nice and highly recommended, let me in on a few little secrets.

1. script language=JavaScript

When including a script into a page, you need to specify the language. First of all there's also VBScript and we need to make a difference. Second, this is more future-proof - who knows what other scripting languages the future has in store for us.

Proper capitalization of JavaScript is crucial.

<script language=JavaScript>

2. Image rollovers

There's a better way to do rollovers - directly in the image tag! Shorter and more convenient - all the code is in one place. This makes it much, much more easier to code your CMS.


3. Link overline

OK, I didn't want to share this, because it's way too cool for just anyone to know, I should've kept it for myself.

a {text-decoration:none;}
a:hover{border-top: 1px solid;}

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