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October 2nd, 2008. Tagged: images, performance,, tools

Since me and Nicole announced yesterday at Ajax Experience and thanks to Christian Heilmann posting it on Ajaxian and Yahoo Developer Network, this thing seems to have exploded! It's all over the blogosphere, twitter-sphere and every other sphere.

BTW, Chris never seizes to amaze - he posted the video on Ajaxian at 11:01 am and our talk was from 10:30 to 10:35 am 🙂

Last night, about 12 hours after the announcement, I checked the directory that stores the results and it had over 10 000 entries. There's one entry for every run, which means for example every page you smush using the FF extension. If you have 5 images on a page on average, this means over 50 000K smushed images in a day, nice!

We've received great feadback and great suggestions, keep'em coming. People are already making part of their dev/build process. People are already seeing response time performance improvement.

I'm really looking forward to releasing the official API, open source the code, the command-line version and all the fun stuff. We were just too busy trying to come up with something presentable for the Ajax conference.

The URL again:

So, what's a smu? 😉

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