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May 10th, 2005. Tagged: News/personal, phpBB

Good news today! I got an email from my editor saying that the phpBB book will be published soon.

phpBB book coverYes, I've been working on a phpBB book for some time, it's written and completed now and undergoing final proofreading. So it means that in a few weeks it will be published! It's pretty exciting...

Here's some more about the book. The publisher is Packt Publishing, great guys, publishers of books such as the phpMyAdmin book, the one about eZ publish, Typo3 and other great titles.

I'm not the only author; there are two other great guys. Jeremy is a team member of He's known as Thoul in phpbbhack's forums (if you didn't know it, is a great site), he has written a lot of great tutorials for the phpBB community. He wrote two chapters and a few appendices for the phpBB book and was really helpful reviewing my chapters.

The other author is Mike. He wrote the chapter about designing your own phpBB theme, which is probably my favourite. It starts from coming up with the idea about the design and goes through all the steps. Check out his phpBB templates - Ad Infinitum, Conundrum, NoseBleed (the one that the his chapter is based on) and NoseBleed2, which powers his own community.

Here I should also mention Mr. Patrick O'Keefe. He is the creator of and other sites that are part of his iFroggy network. He's a SitePoint author (just like myself, only with greater number of articles and experience) and SP forums Advisor. He did a great job reviewing our work and he also wrote an intro to the book.

So, the book will be out soon, meanwhile you can see its page, download a sample chapter and preorder with 25% off. There's also another nice surprise about the book coming up but ... it's a surprise, isn't it?

Finally, did I mention that my publisher is great? Yes, and if you're thinking about becoming an author yourself, check them out as a potential publisher. The details are here.

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