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March 16th, 2005. Tagged: News/personal, phpBB

Some time ago I've created a phpBB mod/hack to use on a bulletin board I manage. Recently I decided to make it available for anyone interested to install it on their boards.

I've posted it some time ago on but it takes a while for the phpBB team to review all the mods/hacks they receive.

Yesterday I posted the hack on and today I noticed it was approved and published. Here it is: the lat2cyr transliterator.

Good job,!

Just a suggestion to - consider sending an email to the author when their download is approved.

» More info and a demo of the hack is available here.

A new version was just released, containing a security patch.

Unfortunately Kredor, the company providing the transliteration service I was using for this hack, is no longer providing the service (either that or they have changed its URL without announcing the new one), so the hack is currently unusable. Let's hope that they'll release a new version.

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