September 22nd, 2013. Tagged: JavaScript, performance, speaking

Hello, hello, can you hear me? (First time blogging from an airplane)

I'm on my way to New York City - another first! I've been to several "corners" of the world like China, Brazil, Australia, but yet never to New York. Although I've lived in Montreal which is so close and now for a while in the USA. Been above (Boston) and below (Washington DC) and now finally - New York!

I don't plan any tourist activities though, because apparently I'm very annoying in a show-offy kinda way when I bring my family for the first time in a place I've been before. "Last time I was here..." Ugh!

Edge conference


The reason I'm going to NY is to participate in the Edge conference on Monday. I'm excited about this event. I watched some videos from the 1st edition and it's not like any other conference. It's very small and only consists of panels with 10 minutes intro to the topic. The other panelists I recognize are simply amazing (the ones I don't are probably even more) and it's an honor to be in this company.

I'll be on the Third Party Scripts panel with the awesome co-panelists Barbara of the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, Ben from Disqus (also Canadian I think), Guy from Akamai (what! from Ottawa) and the moderator Stephen who, it appears, will be the only non-Canadian on the panel.

I'll do the intro and the (current versions of the) slides are here for your enjoyment.

There's still the time to ask question from the panelists, so feel free to ask if you see anything (or anything missing) on the slides.

And if you're one of the lucky attendees, don't miss the after party organized by Facebook, which apparently is at a place with great highline view of NYC

Web perf meetup

Sergey Chernishev, big time performance and meetup guy and a good friend has been asking me to come speak for a while. Finally, it's happening.

If you're around, come join us at the Facebook's NY office to talk about React. RSVP here.

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