Maui, PHP Quebec, etc

November 9th, 2007. Tagged: News/personal, php

Aloha, I'm back from a family vacation in Maui, HI, feeling rejuvenated after having fun on some nice beaches with crystal water, seen an ex-volcano, sunsets, etc.

An email from PHP Quebec was in my inbox saying I'll be speaking at the 2008 PHP Conference in Montreal. Isn't that great?! I'll have a chance to (have some poutine) meet my friends in Montreal, enjoy (the poutine!) the snow I'm sure I'll be missing this year in LA. If you're in Montreal (do try poutine!), the conference is in March and features quite an impressive lineup of PHP speakers.

I had about 200 entries to go over in my RSS reader. I don't read a lot of blogs (not up-to-date list here) but those that I do are really interesting. That explains why after 2-3 hours of reading, I have only 150 out of 200 posts left to read. Anyway, here's a jewel I came across today - (via)

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