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October 6th, 2006. Tagged: News/personal

Here's a list of RSS feeds I'm subscribed to, I'm using the Google Reader thing and check these usually once a day, sometimes several times a day, if I feel I need a break and don't have anything in mind. These have become de facto the way I get informed of what's up, my pretty limited view of the world, if you wish. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty of using the feeds, for example I don't visit SitePoint as much as before I subscribed to its feeds, therefore I'm not so exposed to their ads and so on, feels a bit like stealing. Anyway, on to the list.

The list is ordered as Google Reader orders it, seems like alphabetically, only the first ones had some spaces in the names. The list was produced from their OPML export feature. How I managed to get HTML out of the OPML would be a subject of another post. OK, the list.

  • [RSS] The Net is Dead - Life Beyond the Buzz
    Marco is this cool guy, web dev from Netherlands. I "met" him through his comments on my CSS conventions post, which turned out to be a bit controversial at times. Marco was totally on my side. Seems like he's pretty busy now and doesn't post as much as he used to, but I'm sure he'll be back.
  • [RSS]
    My own blog, yes, now narcissistic of me, I subscribed as part of the blog's QA process (or lack thereof) 😉
  • [RSS] SitePoint Blogs
    This has been my primary source of web-dev-related information and news for years. Very good stuff on the blogs, especially Harry Fueck's posts!
  • [RSS] Bruce Eckel's Weblog
    Bruce Eckel is the author of the Thinking in Java|C|Python books, he doesn't post too often, but what he has to say is a must-read.
  • [RSS] Creating Passionate Users
    Recently found and subscribed, because of this post. Haven't been really reading it since, unless the title is catchy.
  • [RSS]
    SitePoint author of an AJAX book I recently read, loved and reviewed on Amazon, added the guy's feeds after reading the book.
  • [RSS] Isidoro's Blog
    Just testing a buddy's blog. Doesn't post much and when he does, it's in Spanish. And I don't know Spanish, apart from one meaningless poem. OK, let me see how the poem goes. Aham - "Tipi-tape, tipi-tape, tipi-tape, tipiton. Tipi-tape, zapa-zapa, zapatero remendon."
  • [RSS] Ivo Web 2oo6
    The only request I've ever got to add somebody to my blogroll was from Ivo. I thought I might subscribe to his feed first. Posts in Bulgarian.
  • [RSS] Let the Good Times Roll--by Guy Kawasaki
    I've seen this Guy quoted here and there, so I decided to subscribe. Apparently he has (had?) something to say, but lately seems like becomming a top-whatever-technorati is more important for him. Haven't read a full post recently and I do hate list posts, you know like "10 ways to ... do something". Such posts always remind me of this Douglas Adams's joke about a book, called something like "101 things you never wanted to know about sex, but have been forced to find out"
  • [RSS] Official Google Blog
    Mhm. Although I don't think I've leared much there. Most of the important news tend to spread organically anyways.
  • [RSS] Paul Graham: Unofficial RSS Feed
    Love his articles. This unofficial feed works in its weird ways, but it's better than nothing.
  • [RSS]
    A blog I found through, loved his design and subscribed (since I don't have the habit of bookmarking). I like his posts, but recently haven't read anything, he decided not to have the full-size posts in the feed, so this extra click turned out to be too much of an effort. That's sad, come to think of it.
  • [RSS] PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
    PHP news, not too often and seems like more conferences than anything else. The rest just spreads.
  • [RSS] Poo-tee-weet
    Lukas Smith, the guy who did PEAR::MDB2!
  • [RSS] QuirksBlog
    This guy knows his javascript, I'd love to read his book (if the publisher is reading, please don't hesitate to send me a review copy)
  • [RSS] SAP Developer Network SAP Weblogs by Piers Harding
    I've been experimenting with SAP and PHP connectivity and this guy has done a lot, but with Perl, Python and Ruby, no PHP.
  • [RSS] Signal vs. Noise
    With all the noise around Ruby On Rails... I don't like most of the posts though, I mean how much (or less) can you say about "less". There are exceptions though.
  • [RSS] Simon Willison's Weblog
    Followed to his blog from the times he contributed to SitePoint. Not too many posts though.
  • [RSS]
    SitePoint again, this time it's feed for their articles. They have some really good articles 😉
  • [RSS] Stylegala | news
    Admin-posted news on Stylegala. Always fresh, always good.
  • [RSS] Stylegala | public news
    Public news on the Stylegala site. Anyone can post (I've done it myself). Firstly from here I get news about interesting web-developments (for example I'm not subscribed to ALA, because people post the links to Stylegala) and secondly I find stuff that is posted by guys like me, that probably won't be the-next-biggest-thing, but is often very, very interesting. Democracy in action - Google's next tool, together with the small guy's latest JS trick.
  • [RSS] Web Standards with Imagination
    The title says enough about the topics. I like his posts very much. Lately he's been podcasting more than blogging, but that's still good.
  • [RSS] Webmaster Central Blog
    This is something new from Google and so far not too appealing, unless you're into SEO and getting ranked well. Or getting paid to get someone else ranked well 😉
  • [RSS] Yahoo! User Interface Blog
    Not much posts, but good stuff. Sometimes by Mr. JavaScript himself!

In addition to that I'm subscribed to a few mailing lists, of which I read the PEAR-General and PEAR-Dev ones, the rest (such as YUI list) is just storred by gmail for latter searches 😉

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