One-click Minifier Gadget (OMG) – initial checkin

January 31st, 2010. Tagged: CSS, images, JavaScript, performance, tools, yui

So I've been thinking and talking to folks about this idea of having one-stop shop for all your minification needs. Minification of JS and CSS as well as image optimization helps site performance by reducing download sizes. This is good. But not a lot of people do it.

People don't do it, because it's a PITA :) It's simple enough, but with deadlines upon you and all that, you don't want to do an extra step. That's why having a build process helps, by automating this. But setting up a build process is yet another PITA. So it goes.

So my idea was to help busy designers and developers, that wouldn't invest their time researching which minifiers are good, downloading setting up, learning about the 10+ PNG optimization tools... That's how the the idea for the one-click OMG tool came about. (One-drag is more appropriate, come to think of it...) One tool that runs on all operating systems - Win, Mac, Linux - and delivers all minification and optimization tools you need as one package.


Running the tool is as simple as drag/dropping a bunch of files and directories. Here I've dropped "wordpress" directory. The tool recursively looks into the dropped files for things it can optimize. More information here.

OMG screenshot


Version 0.0.1 is here. It doesn't do image optimization, only JS and CSS minification, but please feel free to download and give it a shot. Unzip the package for your OS and run omg.exe (Windows), (Mac), or the omg binary (Linux)

Open source

The code is on GitHub. Fork and enjoy.

The developer's notes are there too - how to setup, run, package. Also a list of todos if you want to help.


This is just a preliminary version. Feel free to join, comment, suggest. Hate the name? Say so :)

Personally, looks like my plate is very full for the next moth or two, so I probably won't be actively working on the tool. I hope though the foundation is good enough and relatively documented, should be easy to pick up if anyone's interested in contributing.

Built with XUL

This has been a learning experience for me with XULRunner. I loved it. I love the idea of being able to create cross-OS desktop apps with JavaScript alone.

Behind the scenes, I'm using my JavaScript port of YUICompressor's CSSmin and Doug Crockford's JSMin. JSMin should be replaced with YUICompressor (or Google closure compiler) in the next release.

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  1. Sweet. I just created an automater script that allows me do a file selection, combines it in to one file. And minifies it using an apple script that calls the terminal that activates the YUI compressor ;)

    But i guess this a more solid solution so thanks for sharing :)

  2. Says “Could not find compatible GRE between version 1.8 and 1.9.*.” on windows 7 x64.

  3. Really great idea to release such a tool. It’s very very cool and I’ll definitely start using from now on. What’s indeed great it can be extended to use YUI Compressor or Google Closure Compiler which will really go one step further. Really brilliant idea!

  4. We had the same idea and built tinyoptimizer

    all of the optimization are done through the app but to keep the produuction server clean we sent each file through a service to a big cloud sever. Check it out here

    Thanks, and I’m a huge fan

  5. I’ve been thinking about building something similar :) I’d never have chosen XUL though, I’d have opted for Python + Qt.

    By the way, if you want to automate this, you can run File Conveyor on your server. It’s a daemon that supports any kind of file processing (support for image optimization and CSS/JS minification is built in, and you have the choice between YUI Compressor and Google Close Compiler) and can sync files to the CDN. It detects new/changed files automatically.

  6. Ok, can I just say that you are a total badass? First of all OOP JavaScript is the best book I’ve read on either OOP or JavaScript, and honestly probably my favorite programming book ever — really amazing. Then I sign up for your RSS feed and you release a tool like this, probably not entirely freeing my from a build process on larger projects, but certainly on my smaller projects, and saving my time no matter what.

    Thanks for everything! Great combination of inspiration + tools to help you start doing something with said inspiration!


  7. Thanks a ton, Stoyan. I found it very useful to see if I may have missed minifying any newly created files. Eagerly awaiting for the image optimization feature.

  8. Cool tool ! Can we see more personalization in the future on the CSS part? For example for my CSS Frameworks I newer use maximum compression I prefer CSS file to be readable. I really need tool like this but with more customization. Any hope for that?

  9. please integrate image optimizaing soon!! :)

  10. Thanks very much everybody or the nice response!

    I’ve been extremely sluggish in replying these days, sorry about that. But I do read everything and keep track of the wishlist items.

  11. Good idea! ” Minification of JS and CSS as well as image optimization” This’s tool helps me with my work.

  12. I tried the tool, and it is a very good idea.

    I found one problem. I minified a whole directory of CSS files, and i noticed that some of the files actually increased in size.

    It turns out that some of the files were already minified (i used your JS web version), but the OMG added ; before all }. In other words, it converter a{height:0;width:0} to a{height:0;width:0;}

    I used version

  13. @Emil, yes, the online version is newer than the one shipped with the downloadable tool.

    You can update just this file manually. Look for cssmin.js in the OMG directory and replace it with this one:

  14. @stoyan
    It worked. Thanks

  15. Nice one Stoyan! I think these kind of tools are helping people to build faster websites, without having to know all the implications and such.

    I believe some other guys are also toying with this idea:

    Also check

    What do you think about these?

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