July 24th, 2005. Tagged: News/personal

A co-worker of mine installed a Wiki last week so that we can try to replace the Word docs as the method of creating documentation. Once I learned how to create new pages and the most basic formatting commands (bold, italics, links, lists and headings) I liked the idea so very much that I started documenting stuff as I code, something like documenting as a break from coding.

I liked the idea so much that I started a Wiki for that community site for which I'm helping with the administration. Sure, phpBB that powers the site's forum is great for discussions, but when it comes to organizing a multi-people proofread content - Wikis are the best bet. And it's just so much fun.

And finally, today I posted a big 5+ pages article on AJAX at Mozilla's Dev Wiki. It's just so much fun!

I've always loved to write. In the primary school, to begin with, then in the high school, I just loved blank notebook pages. Sometimes I had notebooks, sometimes just random pieces of paper for writing my stuff -- mainly short (very short) stories and lyrics to heavy metal songs-to-be 😀 Then came the love letters and lyrics to grunge songs. Well, I'm not doing this anymore. Instead, at some point there came phpBB, I love to post in phpBB. Don't you just love phpBB's icons, especially Mr.Green? :mrgreen: . Then WordPress, I like WP's interface a lot, it usually makes me write longer posts than I intend to (just like this one, I never meant to post about love letters 😳 )

And now - Wiki! I love it. It has this great, thing, that you can create new pages just like that. And these pages are already connected with the rest, as soon as you've created them. And the auto-table-of-contents created from you heading? Lovely.

For now I've only used that MediaWiki that powers WikiPedia and the other related projects. But I know there are other good ones, like DocuWiki for example. Here's a pretty comprehensive list to get you started. For documentation or as a personal organization or whatever - just get yourself a Wiki! 😀

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