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June 14th, 2005. Tagged: JavaScript

I was reading an amazon review and unfortunatelly the person has posted in all uppercase. I tried to read but after a few lines I got bored, all uppercase text is harder to read, not to mention it is considered shouting on the web. So I thought "what if I had a button or something... to make this thing readable..."

I thought there must be a bookmarklet somewhere for such text transformation. A quick google search didn't reveal any useful result, so I wrote it myself. This is a bookmarklet to transform any selected text on a web page to lower case. It works in Firefox and IE (Windows) and probably other browsers. It's inspired (read heavily borrowed) from the great SquareFree bookmarklets. So here it goes:

Bookmark me!

p.s. I just now thought that I could've pasted the text into any even just a bit advanced text editor (MS Word, TextPad) and used the editor's built in functionality. But no... we, the Firefox users, are already so used to have a browser extensions of some sort for everything we need (or don't) 🙂 ...

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