The European Tour 2010

October 2nd, 2010. Tagged: Bulgaria, JavaScript, News/personal, performance

So it's been pretty quiet around here. I'm still alive and very much so. Just awfully busy.


I took a long trip in Bulgaria. About 1 month and 20 days. Including the traditional around-Bulgaria let's-get-drunk-in-different-cities-every-day tour de force with the gang. With unusual amount of guitar playing this time.

Not all fun and roses, though, I had to work most of the time for a superimportant gamechanging ultrasecret project for Yahoo! Search. And work on the finishing touches for a book.

France, Italy, UK

While spending time in Bulgaria I did some quick jumps to other European countries - France, Italy, UK. Everything is so close in Europe, it's a shame not to wander around once you cross the big pond.

In Paris I had the pleasure to practice some French, but most importantly to meet with the local speed freaks at the Web Perf Meetup organized by Éric Daspet. Great experience to interrupt sightseeing and soufflé-eating just to be among fellow geeks in a small and cozy group.

web perf meetup paris

photo: @tbassetto

Second tour leg

Back in California to the normal life and kids' school year start end of August. But a second European tour leg was just around the corner.

JSConfEU in Berlin was last week, this is hands-down the best conference. I cannot speak high enough about it, the organizers, the people, speakers, everyone, the parties (ouch, the parties). I met so many people I have been in contact with (or wanted to be) for quite a while, including the new book's tech reviewer Andrea aka @WebReflection. It's surprising, for the regular introvert geek I am, the pleasure of meeting and talking to people. Oh, the miracles of the little, or not so little, quantities of Berliner Pilsner.

Back from Berlin, a copy of the new book was waiting, how adorable! (I really need to put some marketing effort into it... at least put up a page what's it about, since people are asking). It's been rating very well in Amazon's "JavaScript" category. Saw it at #3 a few times, watch out "good parts"!

Next week it's Fronteers conference in Amsterdam. Really looking forward to this one. After all, the one and only PPK started it all. I'll be speaking about progressive downloads and progressive rendering. Progress is important, progress is critical! And I've never been to Amsterdam.

Then Moscow and highload++ conference. How cool that would be. I always wanted to see Moscow or any part of Russia really.

So... busy, busy, busy. And another book baby on the road. And one last conference but here in LA's "backyard" Las Vegas this time.

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